HI2 is a young Institute grouping the know how from senior researchers and strategists, counting altogether with more than 130 years experience
Based in Pozuelo (Madrid) and Seseña (Toledo), Spain with business links in Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Panama.
Our addiction: “thinking outside the box: our holistic perspective”.
Our expertise: services for the audiovisual, satellite, wireless, SMEs profiling, future internet, Projects management, ICT strategy, spectrum management and licensing.
Our special skills: mobilizing research communities, creating experts groups, council, committees:
- European Experts Panel on Research by SMEs
- EU-Latin America ICT Policy Dialogue Council
- Networked Media Open Forum
- Secretariat of Networked Electronic Media technology Platform and Integral SatCom Initiative
- Secretariat of the Spanish ICT technology Platforms: eNEM, eMOV, eISI, es.INTERNET, Latin American Technology Platforms

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