ULMA Embedded Solutions

ULMA Embedded Solutions specialises in design, development and support services in the embedded systems arena. We can provide complete custom HW and SW solutions or we can work on specific parts like FPGAs or device drivers. We are used to working in stringent regulated environments, too. We help our customers focus on their core business.

With an accumulated experience of more than 80 man-years in design and development of products of multiple sectors, we have a wider and richer view than when a product is developed looking solely at its own sector.

We offer services along the whole product lifecycle, starting at the concept stage and through the design, development, manufacturing and deployment stages. We can also handle any of these stages in isolation.

Technological capabilities include: electronics, hardware, FPGAs, model based design, systems engineering, software, test, regulated environments, etc.

Main sectors we work for:
- Industrial Automation
- Energy
- Transportation
- Medical

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ULMA Embedded Solutions
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