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Megamart project: last phase

The project MegaM@rt2 entered the last phase of the project to merge its last forces to close the project despite the COVID-19 situation. MegaM@Rt2 is a European project involving 27 organizations, grouped in clusters from 6 different countries.

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With the adoption of new Financial Rules by the ECSEL JU (as imposed by the European Commission) for the 2020 Calls of ECSEL, non-members in project consortia cannot be asked anymore to sign a Declaration of Acceptance (DoA) to pay the variable fees which contribute to the JU administrative costs.

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event:Online ECSEL-JU Symposium 2020

The current dramatic COVID-19 pandemic is demonstrating the necessity of digital technologies in being able to manage some of our greatest challenges, from remote working and infotainment solutions to accomplish day-to-day task, to remote monitoring and data managements in support of the public health response to outbreaks.This online event will focus on the European Digital Society.

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The EUREKA Clusters and a number of EUREKA Public Authorities launch a Call for innovative projects in the domain of Artificial Intelligence.
The aim of this Call is to boost the productivity and competitiveness of European industries through the adoption and use of AI systems and services. Find more details in the following link.

whitepaper: From IoT to SoS whitepaper

From IoT to SoS whitepaper
Last year, the ARTEMIS Industry Association published a report on the importance of Embedded Intelligence: trends and challenges for the EU, in a global world. This year, ARTEMIS introduces the work coordinated by Paolo Azzoni of Eurotech on Internet of Things (IoT) and System(s) of Systems (SoS) as one of the themes of our Strategic Research Agenda in the digital scope.