CETEM as a Research Institute is devoted to Applied Research and Technology Development with a clear strength and focus in several research areas like Electronic Embedded Systems and Sensors, Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) and eHealth. The Department of Embedded Systems has a broad experience in the design and development of customized circuits for numerous applications. The department has research expertise in the following fields: electrical and electronics engineering, telecommunications, computer architecture and DSP (Digital Signal Processing). More specifically, sensors and WSNs (Wireless Sensor Networks), IoT and their integration in everyday objects like furniture and wearable products for non-intrusive monitoring are our key areas of expertise. The department has developed sensor solutions for pervasive monitoring in AAL, wearable devices and Health Monitoring, in various R&D projects. Additionally, we have participated in other projects in related areas such as smart textiles. Today CETEM is an umbrella organization with almost 150 associated companies throughout Spain. Member and partner companies come from different sectors besides furniture including ICT, medical devices, textile, chemistry and materials, robotics, etc. Most of these companies are in continuous search of ways to innovate their products through technology that increments its value, many of which even get involved in the development of research projects thanks to CETEM’s direct support. Research Interests Our key expertise and research interests focuses in electronic embedded designs, electronic sensors, WSNs, IoT, wearable devices and embedded systems in general for AAL applications (e.g. behavioural analysis) and Health Monitoring, as well as product design and development. Other information We have a broad experience in the preparation and development of European proposals. Our experience can provide a good contribution towards the project success, and can enhance the consortium with the know-how acquired in recent proposals and developed projects. We can also bring end users and manufacturing SMEs into the consortium in order to guarantee quality pilot tests and future commercialisation.
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