A Spanish engineering company, whose team is composed of engineers, product designers and sound technicians, is engaged in the production of software for the audio industry. They have developed a technology that substantially improves all the characteristics of sound and audio playback, reaching levels of quality, depth and intelligibility that have never been seen before. With the technology plugins and applications have been developed with the following characteristics: - Full control over the sound objects and facilitating mixing and mastering - Turn of the laptop into a low latency effect rack - Exciting the natural harmonics and highlighting the natural presence of sound, the fundamental frequency of voice or instruments - Similarity detection determining the presence and location of user-defined patterns that can be replaced or mixed with incredible precision - Algorithms for audio restoration and optimization, bringing small sound objects into life resulting in high audio playback and intelligibility - Processing of optical, audio and lighting information of an on-stage show to fully automate its production The technology can be applied for many different uses and sectors. For the moment it has been used for the entertainment sector (in music libraries, cinemas and theaters), in the health sector (in a hearing aid application) and in communications (teaching): - Cinemas and theaters: the system provides spatial depth and perspective to the listening experience. It provides outstanding acoustic resolution with real detail, making unnecessary the extreme noise levels which produce the sensation of being at the live event. By managing the complexity of the sound, the system reduces harmonic distortion and intermodulation in cinemas. - Hearing aid application: this system gets the sound through a phone’s microphone or the headset, and plays it after filtration so it is adapted to the characteristics of the owner’s ear. It is possible to adjust the levels of listening fatigue of the user or the outside ambient noise over time for a more adaptive and custom experience. It also memorizes the characteristics of different speakers or playback systems.
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